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Web Site Assessments


Search Engine Optimization is not enough! Make sure your marketing dollar is well spent by seeing how potential customers might react to your online efforts. A professional assessment will make sure your Web site is easy to use, error free, has persuasive power, emotional impact and trustability. Email newsletter  assessments help you produce higher open and click-through rates.



Cognitive Walk-through Video records how users might experience the site emotionally so you can make sure your content gives just the impression you want. A brief Cognitive Walk-through is $150 including a Video and short followup review once the changes are made.

Search Engine Optimization Tests make sure potential customers can find you.

Usabilty (Ease-of-Use) Analysis makes sure visitors can take actions to fulfill goals, find content they need and the site works on different computers and operates error-free.

Marketing Evaluation makes sure all the important decision-making information is there. The purpose of the site is clear, the Unique Selling Proposition is reinforced and pages for various users are created.

PET Inspection looks at the site in terms of Persuasion, Emotion and Trustability seeing if the site has measurable goals, calls to action are obvious and copy is benefit driven.

See a sample of a short Cognitive Walkthrough of a Non-Profit Web site

See more sample videos

Includes video and written report with suggestions for improving your site.


USER TESTING – Do you know what people REALLY think about your site?

This type of testing is done by a typical user, not a professional. It will allow you to see how users experience the site.

How It Works
For this testing you specify the demographic profile of your target audience, internet skill level, and what task you want them to perform on your site. You can also ask for overall experience. A user will record their screen and voice as they use your website, speaking their thoughts as they browse.

Who are the users?
Real users, not usability experts. Our user testers are normal people who clearly articulate their experiences while performing tasks on your website. We have built a network of those people to tap into.

What will you get?
You will get a video and brief report. You watch and listen to a video of the user experiencing your site. Each user’s session – mouse movements, clicks, keystrokes, and spoken comments – is saved as a Flash video for you to watch.

You will get a brief summary indicating:
* What they liked.
* What they didn’t like.
* What would have caused them to leave your site?


EMAIL NEWSLETTER REVIEWS – Are you sending the right message?

Make sure your newsletter is clear and sends the right message before you send it. We look fo:

  • Quality of Information – Is information easy to understand, meaningful, grammatically correct and benefit driven?
  • Calls to Action – What do you want people to do? Can users take actions easitly? Do the links work properly and provide a “scent trail” people will follow?
  • Performance – Operation of links and cross-platform performance.

Includes initial assessment and followup once changes are made.

Newsletter Assessment usually $100- NOW $75

See a sample Email Newsletter Review and the amazing results.


Prices based on type of assessments and size of website and scope of project.

Call for a FREE Estimate (718) 513) 9845 or email kit @


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