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Welcome to Metaphysical Marketing

Kit Kaplan is a metaphysical minister, marketing strategist and award-winning logo designer with over 30 years experience in the communications industry working with Fortune 500 companies and major retailers, as well as small businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations. She has been helping clients find the best technology for their needs at the lowest cost with maximum self-sufficiency.

In working with individuals, small organizations and large companies, she uses her own unique method of problem-solving called Metaphysical Marketing™ which helps her go deeper so that her clients can really let their light shine.

What is Metaphysical Marketing?

Meta means below. Meta data is the hidden keywords and information hidden in your code that is crucial to helping Google find your site. Metaphysical Marketing is a way to go deeper and market better. It is a holistic approach that combines science, psychology and spiritual principles with solid traditional marketing practices to help you create abundance and prosperity in your business. We work with that which may be unseen and unknown to you that affects your business, then we work with the seen, the actual marketing materials including your web site.



Take Control of
Your Website!

Web Site-In-A-Day
Start-Up Program


Go deeper into visitor’s needs with
Co-Creative Web Design

Learn to write copy that’s persuasive and effective using Personas (stand-in archetypes) of your potential Customers for better sales conversion. Every visitor to your site has their own unique needs and is in a different place in terms of their decision to buy from you or use your service. Using Personas really let’s you get to know your visitors and address their needs. See how using Personas can make your customers take action!


Is your web site turning people on or is it actually turning them off?

Find out with

Expert Web Site
Usability Assessments


Learn to Think Internet!

Learn Search Engine Optimization & Persuasive Writing for The Web and see how you can Use the Power of Blogging, Social Networking & Niche Marketing.



Create or Grow Your Business with
Visioning & MindMapping


Position your Business for Success

Award-winning Logo Design and Branding



testimRead Real-Life Solutions of how Metaphysical Marketing can help you Go Deeper. Market Better.

See what some of my clients are saying in my Testimonials

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